Dr. Kim Graham – Top 15 in 2016!

Our very own Dr. Kim Graham has been named one of the top 15 Acupuncturists in Vancouver for 2016! Kim has been facilitating acupuncture and wellness groups at TWC since 2002 as our Dr. TCM. With eight years of education in Eastern and Western medicine, Kim is well-versed in traditional and contemporary therapies. Kim also has hands-on experience with homelessness, addiction, and mental illness through spending many years with her grandfather assisting those in need on the DTES at Harbour Light.  Acupuncture has a breadth of health benefits and is a proven, effective treatment for those suffering from post-acute withdrawal symptoms such as sleeplessness, anxiety and obsessive thinking.  Congratulations Kim on another year as one of the top 15 acupuncturists in Vancouver! http://crowdwellness.com/top-15-acupuncturists-in-vancouver/

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