Diamond Dogs Fuel Recovery in BC

Together We Can is excited to announce a partnership with the Rick and Sue Diamond Foundation for a long-term fundraising initiative to support Recovery in the Lower Mainland.  Introducing Diamond Dogs! With a simple hot-dog cart and the passion to help a growing community of addiction survivors we want to turn your hunger into dollars donated for the cause.

One hundred percent (yes! 100%) of ALL PROCEEDS benefit several charitable causes.  Currently Together We Can (TWC) will donate its full part of the proceeds to the Alano Club of Vancouver.  Other causes include the myriad of efforts the Rick & Sue Diamond Foundation supports including one of their newest projects called “The Living Room”.  The Living Room is a drop in centre that will support homeless and addicted in Surrey with a place to learn about and fight their addiction, get help, get food, and most importantly stay alive.  Many of those who join the successive ranks of the recovery community give back countless hours to help newcomers and help those who are down on their luck find hope and become productive, kind and understanding members of society.

The hot dog cart is donated by the Rick & Sue Diamond Foundation and is staffed by client-volunteers from Together We Can.  These clients are excited to give back to society by donating their time and effort and we are extremely proud of them.  Expect to see our DIAMOND DOGS all over Vancouver.   Hungry while christmas shopping?  Don’t expect bad weather to stop our passion!  What happens when a homeless person asks us for some food?  Well, we give them one.  We are REAL and we are here to help make Vancouver a better place with your help.  Hot dogs and smokies are reasonably priced and fantastically tasty.

We thank all the volunteers, as well as everyone who came out to support us at 1525 W 7th Avenue, Vancouver at the Alano Club  this weekend.  Smokies, hot dogs, and drinks were savoured and enjoyed by everyone. Stay tuned for our next event, where we will be serving delicious hot dogs again. Special thanks to the Rick and Sue Diamond Foundation for their generosity and commitment to community fundraising initiatives such as this.

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