Joey McGeough

Joey McGeough

Joey McGeough

Group Facilitator

With over ten years of experience in the field of addiction, certification as an Alcohol and Drug counsellor, and over four years of personal training experience, Joey McGeough is a tremendous assent to Together We Can.

As a TWC group facilitator, Joey knows about the connection between the mind and body, and his current position allows him to help others see and feel the connection between the two.

Joey’s counselling style is based on a holistic approach to recovery. He utilizes a variety of different techniques and approaches, while keeping in mind each client’s unique and dynamic needs at the forefront of all his teachings.

As a therapeutic group facilitation, Joey touches on a wide variety of topics ranging from fitness, to evolutionary biology. Clients in Joey’s group counselling are taught how to find a deeper understanding of themselves with his emphasis on the motivational systems that drive people to the actions and behaviors they display in everyday life.

Joey guides clients to search within themselves for the reasons why self-destructive behavior manifests, and to explore ways in which these behaviors can be identified and treated.  His sessions open up discussion and explore topics from an evolutionary viewpoint and discuss the prime biological functions of human beings and how these functions interface with the modern world.

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With experience in the fitness industry,  Joey also touches on the importance of a healthy body as well as a healthy mind. With physical exercise being an important role in recovery, Joey teaches clients about proper exercise form, workout plans, and nutrition for optimal health.

Joey’s passion for fitness and for helping others is evident to all of those around him. Teaching people about fitness and proper exercise is something that he enjoys thoroughly and he is happy to get others excited about as well.