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Coast Cards is a social enterprise operated by Simon Fraser University students within Enactus, a global organization that utilizes entrepreneurship to address social, environmental, and economic issues in our communities.

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In 2016, an SFU student noticed the overwhelming amount of coasters being discarded by local restaurants each night. Vancouver is also known to have high drug and alcohol addiction rates; the lack of awareness fuels the social stigma surrounding individuals recovering from addiction.

Coast Cards Enactus Partnership with Together We Can

To address these two issues, Coast Cards sells eco-friendly greeting cards made by upcycling used coasters and scrap paper. Profits from card sales are reinvested into the project to expand its impact across the country.

Coast Cards’ mission is to increase awareness on the paper waste created by local businesses, through working with them to incorporate more green business practices into their operations. They also strive to alleviate the stigma surrounding individuals recovering from addiction.

The Enactus SFU team holds weekly card-making workshops with clients at Together We Can. Through their unique process, individuals get the opportunity to express themselves creatively, develop transferable skills, and work in a social setting, all while giving back to the community and environment.

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For more information about Coast Cards and the work they are doing, you can visit them on social media at:


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