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Join us every week as our clients share some of their inspirational stories about their unique, individual experiences at Together We Can.

This is Luke D’s story:

My journey into alcoholism began twenty-one years ago. It was when my three and a half year old saw son Andrew died in a house fire in Toronto while I was sitting in a jail cell in Halifax. I blamed myself for not being there for him during his time of need. I’ve spent all of this time building walls of shame, guilt, remorse, blame, and hopelessness around myself. I chose not to forgive myself and I chose a life of suffering as a form of punishment. This year after eleven months of sobriety, I thought I had everything under control. I was going back to school taking the mental health and addictions program, I was in a great relationship with a wonderful woman. As the anniversary of his passing drew nearer, the feelings of shame, guilt and blame overwhelmed me. Within four days I had lost everything: school, my home and relationship were all lost. A four day relapse cost me everything. I was now in downtown Victoria and thought to myself, “I am done with this life…” I saw a bus speeding down the street, and just as I was about to step in front of it a voice inside my head said to me, “your pain shouldn’t be the cause of someone else’s pain.” I froze.

I made a call to the Umbrella Society in Victoria and told them I needed help. Three days later I was here at Together We Can I was so grateful! It is time to deal with this now. I am fifty-four years old and life is passing me by. So one of the things I did was to write a letter of forgiveness to Andrew. Then I wrote myself a letter. You see, I have never had a problem forgiving someone else, it was only me I could never come to terms with. So I am now on a journey to discover peace of mind, self-forgiveness, and hope. Each day for me is getting better. It takes time to heal and tear down the walls that I have constructed all around me. The staff here at TWC keep it real. There are no shortcuts to recovery. It is one of those hardest things that I have had to do, but the rewards are infinite. It’s time to bury the past, forgive myself and to finally become the man that I was meant to be. Hope is here. Help is on the way. Thank you, TWC! 22 Days Clean. – Luke D.

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