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Everybody has a unique history of where they’ve been, and ultimately where they will go. Although our paths may sometimes be different, it is important that we recognize that we all share in the same battle; with ourselves and our addiction. Together We Can supports our clients as they selflessly come forward to share their personal struggles with addiction, so that perhaps others may learn from or be inspired by them. Alone we cannot, Together We Can.

This story comes from a client that wishes to remain anonymous:

I came into Together We Can in April of 2014 hopeless, depressed, and craving substances. I had severe anxiety and was not very social. I was nervous about what the next few months would have in store for me, as I knew this program would require rigorous honesty and hard work. Within the first week the clients and staff at TWC made me feel at home and were happy to help me with any or problems that I was dealing with at the time. By the second and third week, and after working the program to the best of my ability, I began to see results. I no longer had the anxiety which previously plagued me, I became more confident in my ability, and most importantly I began to gain a deeper understanding of my addictive behaviors and feel a sense of control over them. Through one-to-one counselling sessions with counsellors and interacting with my fellow peers, I began to feel something which I had not felt in quite some time: hope.

I moved into TWC’s second stage housing in mid August and have been there for approximately 3 months. I still get intense cravings and feel like using sometimes. It’s hard. However, I now understand why they recommended that I go to second stage housing; the support is invaluable. Being able to talk with my fellow housemates when things get tough has literally been the saving grace that has allowed me to remain sober. Whereas before I would have thrown in the towel and called it quits, I now understand and practice talking to others when I feel like using.

This sense of hope for my future still remains with me today as I continue on with my new life, and I am still clean and sober to this day of October 26h, 2014. For this and much more, I cannot thank TWC enough as they have truly provided me with a new life and the best gift of all: the gift of recovery   – Anonymous


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