Celebrating Vancouver Recovery Day 2017

Together We Can was honoured to take part in the 2017 Vancouver Recovery Day festivities. 

With our dedicated team of staff and volunteers, we handed out not just popcorn, cotton candy, and swag, we also  handed out hope, love, and solidarity to the recovery community and those who are still suffering.

The Recovery Day website explains perfectly what the event is all about:

"Recovery Day was first celebrated in the cities of Vancouver and Victoria, BC on September 30th, 2012 as a public display of the freedom from addiction. Since then, the movement has spread throughout Canada, encompassing communities large and small, from East to West. We come together in the month of September to build awareness, challenge societal stigma and celebrate the role that recovery plays in improving the lives of millions of Canadians.

Now in its Sixth year, these events across the country bring communities together.  Cities will host a variety of different events such as community fairs with exhibits from local service providers and mutual support groups and musical entertainment. Others will highlight various forms of performing and creative arts found in the recovery community. Others will host breakfasts, BBQs, and luncheons. Invited guests may include local politicians, government officials, professionals and personalities who come forward to offer their stories of recovery and/or support.

Many communities reach out to their local government to have the day of their event declared an official “Recovery Day” in their city. Each community has a unique approach but  we stand united together in our message of hope."

Thank you to all our staff and volunteers who came together to make 2017 Recovery Day a huge hit.



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