Celebrating Milestones – Oct 1, 2013

TWC would like to congratulate Joel S. and Johnnie C. on achieving one year of continuous sobriety. Both men shared their stories last night and, in true Recovery spirit, directed their messages to the newcomers in the room. One of the TWC alumni who attended the meeting commented that it’s “an absolute miracle that these two were able to stay clean.” Celebrating milestones at outside support meetings is a wonderful way to inspire and motivate those struggling with addiction. People who come into 12 Step Programs are in great need of positive direction and examples of the principles in action. Both Joel and Johnnie have been extremely involved with clients at TWC and regularly go out of their way to transport men to support meetings in the community. These men also sponsor other clients, participate in weekly step groups and are devoted to supporting their brothers in recovery. TWC greatly appreciates alumni involvement and encourages past clients to extend a hand to those in First Stage Treatment.

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