Celebrate Sobriety Testimonial

My name is Berend M. I am one of the outgoing Co Chair’s of Celebrate Sobriety. The LGBTQ conference that took place on March 25-27 2016.

I want to commend and thank Together We Can for supporting us this year and to tell you what an inspiration the men you sent from the house were at this years conference. They were a vital and crucial part of this weekend and the conference would not have been the same without them.

They were so grateful and proud to be a part of the weekend’s celebration and each made it a point to thank me and to express their gratitude.

My heart swelled on the Saturday evening after the dance when I saw them all stand in front of the rainbow coloured balloon arch and took a group photo. Smiling and beaming.

Celebrate Sobriety strives and does it’s very best to encourage people from all walks of life to come and celebrate the awesome power of Alcoholics Anonymous. It is also very important that we be there for the struggling and striving people new in recovery and for those coming back.

I would also like to send a special thank you to James and Don for showing great leadership throughout the weekend. They were there for your guys 100% offering support and encouragement to each and every one. I hope they both see that they are real leaders and exemplify the amazing work you do with those who live within your houses.


Thank you.


In gratitude and service

Berend M


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