Online Meeting Resources

Online 12 Step Meeting List While access to physical meetings of all 12-step fellowships has been restricted due to COVID-19,  a large number of meetings have switched to online meetings…

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Together We Can’s COVID-19 Response Plan

Important information about new steps we are taking to meet the challenge of Covid-19. In the current climate, the health and well-being of our entire community — including each of you — is at the forefront of our thinking.

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The Anonymous Addict
Anonymous Addict

The Anonymous Addict

In a location somewhere, someone eats dinner alone after another day of hard work. This is their life now. They have no friends. They do what they need to do - to sustain their life - to feed their addiction.

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Trauma-Informed Treatment
The Level of Support We All Need.

Trauma-Informed Treatment

After an incident or experience that an individual finds agonizing or deeply disturbing, a psychological or emotional response often takes place. Trauma can have a significant impact, or none at all; trauma can be long-lasting, or fleeting in nature.

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