• TWC Alumni Spotlight: The Making of the SOBR Clothing Brand

    Originally intended to be a hobby, Together We Can alumni Brad Pangman has gathered his creative energies together and it is taking him in a new direction. Read more
  • The Student Becomes the Master – A Practicum Experience at Together We Can

    I am very thankful for the opportunity to complete my graduate counselling practicum at Together We Can. I worked with a dedicated team of professionals and an outstanding supervisor. It has been an enriching and unforgettable learning experience. Read more
  • Can Acupuncture Help Turn the Tide on the Opioid Crisis?

    Acupuncture has been used to treat PTSD, chronic pain, and other battlefield traumas within the military system for years, but only recently has it really been getting the attention it deserves. Read more
  • Together We Can Celebrates 25th Anniversary

    In 1993, a single recovery house in Vancouver on Moss Street opened its doors and took in its first few clients under the direction of its founder, Calvin Lee. Fast forward to 2018, and that single house has grown into 26 houses, over 300 beds, and over 110... Read more
  • Together We Can and TWC All My Relations Host Powerful Winter Mini Pow Wow

    According to All My Relations Clinical Coordinator Mike Merrick, the impact on not just the community, but also the All My Relations clients was tangible and impacting. Read more
  • Hockey Helps Recovering Addicts Stay on Clean Path

    GLOBAL NEWS HOUR AT 6 January 18, 2018 Former WHL hockey player Steve Bull, who has struggled with addiction all of his life, is now helping those in need by sharing his story with recovering addicts and also players in the BCHL, Global TV’s Barry Deley has the story.... Read more
  • Embracing the Trans Recovery Community at TWC’s Alliance Program

    Alliance was a safe haven for me from my addiction and being such a unique recovery program, really was the first place where I felt ‘allowed’ to embrace my inner self like no other way I had before. Read more
  • One Year’s Worth of Gratitude

    On November 26, 2016 I had no idea my life was about to change the way it did - After more than 20 years of drug and alcohol addiction I found myself standing alone in the parking lot of a Burger King in Surrey at night, cold and soaked... Read more
  • Navigating Home – A Veteran’s Journey

    Recovery Life News Posted: Nov 10th, 2017 4:11 PM PST Winning The Battle Over Addiction and PTSD With Remembrance Day coming over the weekend, it is important to recognize the service and sacrifices made by our military service members. Their commitment to protecting our nation’s freedoms and ideals can never be underestimated,... Read more
  • TWC ‘All My Relations’ at 2017 National Aboriginal Veterans Day

    Recovery Life News Posted: Nov 10th, 2017 2:20 PM PST Together We Can staff, volunteers, and residents from the Straight Path and Straight and Narrow houses of the TWC – All My Relations Treatment Program were in attendance Wednesday at the 2017 National Aboriginal Veterans Day ceremonies at Victory Square in Vancouver to mark... Read more