Career & Financial Skills

Building a stronger foundation for success.


Clients at Together We Can are given the option to seek out new employment opportunities upon entering our Residential Treatment Program. Employment Practitioner Samantha Armstrong and Addictions Counsellor Carol-Anne Turbitt have constructed a workshop centered around securing meaningful and lasting employment. Each client is assessed on an individual basis to determine their strengths, weaknesses, employment history and skills to find a career path suitable for them. Our trained facilitators specialize in offering tips and advice on resume layout, content, headings and formatting.

Typical topics which are discussed include:

  • Career goals and summary of qualifications
  • Previous employment history
  • Discussion around volunteer experience
  • References lists
  • Explore creative ways to fill in long gaps in employment history
  • Personal characteristics, strengths brought to the job and skill set
  • Resume discussion – chronological and functional designs

Clients participate in mock interviews and are given strategies for successfully navigating future situations as prospective employees. Participants are given help constructing resumes and cover letters tailored to appeal to potential employers. Issues that derive from difficult past work experiences and lack of direction are addressed and processed as means to empower our clients to face their fears and walk through them. For more information on our Career Development Workshop please contact us at

A Path to Financial Freedom

It is no surprise that the vast majority of men entering our Residential Treatment Program at Together We Can are far from financially stable. Many have accrued a substantial amount of debt due to their lifestyles and are unaware of practical and realistic strategies to overcome financial hurdles. Many feel hopeless and cannot fathom ever “getting ahead” financially.

The wonderful people at GVC Credit Union have begun to offer their services in the form of a weekly workshop and one-on-one financial counselling. GVCCU is one of the oldest Credit Unions in British Columbia and serves close to 7000 clients at 4 convenient locations in Greater Vancouver. A vast spectrum of topics are covered but some of the most pertinent are debt consolidation, income tax procedures, and spending versus saving habits.

Mary Vansomeren, Bank Manager for GVCCU’s Surrey Branch, has been helping our clients realize their financial potential through practical solutions and planning. She is an expert at creating manageability around financial issues that initially feel insurmountable. Mary has aided a number of our clients in creating chequing and savings accounts at GVCCU where they become shareholders as opposed to simply members.

It has been truly inspirational to see men in our program confront seemingly insurmountable fear and damage with renewed hope and optimism. Jeremy H, an active member of the TWC Alumni Community, said he “had no problem setting up an account and they (GVCCU) had no issues with my poor credit history.”

GVCCU let Jeremy know that he is eligible to receive a Secured Mastercard which will enable him to begin rebuilding his credit. He feels fortunate that “GVCCU helped out when no other financial institution would” and highly recommends their services to those in the TWC community who are seeking to rebuild their finances.


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