Canada struggles to respond to growing opioid crisis

Check out this article from The Globe and Mail on Canada’s growing opioid epidemic and the increasing number of people who (sometimes unknowingly) becoming dependant on them. The article explores issues surrounding the efficacy of these drugs in terms of relieving chronic pain, yet at the same time investigates their potential for abuse and dependency. Check it out here

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One thought on “Canada struggles to respond to growing opioid crisis

  1. The opioid crisis seems to me to be a distraction from a bigger issue, at least in B.C.

    “Is it Addictive?

    Marijuana is often thought to not be addictive. However, marijuana dependence is the number 1 reason why youth in Colorado and the U.S. seek substance-abuse treatment. Youth are more likely than adults to become addicted to marijuana. About 4.5 million people in the U.S. meet clinical criteria for marijuana dependence.

    THC stimulates brain cells to release the chemical dopamine, which creates a euphoric feeling and can lead to a physical addiction. Similar to tobacco withdrawal, people trying to quit marijuana report irritability, sleeping difficulties, craving, and anxiety.”

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