Brad Williamson’s Testimonial



I was trying to sleep. It was late or early…I was not quite sure. I was in a homeless shelter in the downtown east end. My feet were so swollen and blistered that I couldn’t put my shoes back on. I had been walking for the last 12 hours with nowhere to go. My head was racing with thoughts. How did I let this happen again? Why can’t I stop? Every thought leads back to my kids. I feel like giving up and letting my addiction win. I became okay with dying in the hell of the east end. I have nothing left and nowhere to go.

I decided to go to detox because at least it’s a safe place to “spin dry” I slept for 3 days and when I woke up I was really sick but my head was just a little bit clearer. I went to a panel meeting that night and there was a speaker there who was from TWC. I had heard of this place before and had seen people succeed there. I started to call and within 5 days I was on my way.

When I showed up at TWC I was completely broken and had no hope that I could even change. TWC and the counsellors here started to explain my addiction and my recovery another shot. I have started to have hope and that hope lead to willingness to give recovery another shot. I have started to do the work honestly, openly and willingly. I’m building a solid support group and a connection with my higher power. In the short time I have been at TWC, I have gone from homeless and hopeless to happy, clean and serene. I don’t have much, but I have my heart and for that I thank TWC!



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  1. TWC gave me hope again too. See I am Brad’s mom and it is nice to see that he has hope again. I know that he can do it. Just give it a chance.

  2. Well done Brad…
    You are on the right path and an inspiration to others.
    Men with children can definitely relate.
    I am very relieved and hopeful when I see someone like you step back from the ledge and muster up the courage to try again.

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