“The Best Job in The World” – Addictions Therapist

“I think I have the best job in the world! I get to see the “gifts of recovery” in action…”

Mike Mathers Addictions Counsellor
Mike Mathers – Registered Clinical Counsellor/Addictions Therapist

This has been a big year. Starting to run addiction treatment groups at TOGETHER WE CAN has been one of the highlights. I just finished my 3rd cohort of a 4 part series called “Meaningful Recovery” where the discussion is based on the ideas of Viktor Frankl and Alfried Langle – an existential addictions treatment program where we talk about acceptance, values, self-worth and meaning all through the lens of addiction recovery. I am feeling blessed from this last one. Such a special group of men. On Sunday afternoons we sweat it out in a darkened garage talking about pain and suffering; as well as, hope and redemption.

The “gifts of recovery” is a phrase often used to talk about the perspective and mindful care that can come out of dealing with a substance use disorder. As an addictions therapist I get the privilege of seeing this in action. The openness, courage and warmth that I see these guys stepping into is such an inspiration. Healing comes from their connections. Through their willingness to be vulnerable, they become heroes to each other, and teachers to me.

When “Addiction Therapist” is your job title people comment how hard it must be (and to be clear there are hard things after-all not everyone makes it out the other side); however, I think I have the best job in the world! I get to see the “gifts of recovery” in action. I witness men working hard to become literally their best selves, and by extension this centers around being better for their loved ones, and the world at large. It is humbling and fills me full of awe that I get to play a small role in all this. There is a lot of fear going around, so maybe if we also looked into the pockets of healthy change going on around, we might see important teachings that could benefit so many.

More feelings going on than I can do justice through words…simply put I am appreciative of these “gifts of recovery” from human beings who as fellow travellers are teaching me so much about the journey.

Mike Mathers – Addictions Therapist at TWC

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