TWC’s Counselling Practicum Program

Since 2007, Together We Can is proud to provide an environment for Master of Counselling Students to complete their Practicum requirements for graduation. Our counselling internship provides students the real world learning they need to evolve their counselling…

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Medication Management

Often, when people come to a treatment program, their physical & mental health needs have not been looked after. Our medical team works to provide intervention and stabilization to ensure…

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TWC Partners with the Stigma Free Society

The Stigma-Free Society is a Registered Canadian Charity. since 2010 that aims to reduce stigma of all kinds, such as addiction, with a focus on mental health. The Charity's Vision and Mission is to foster programs that cultivate, encourage, and educate diverse communities to be more inclusive and compassionate. Their goal is to create awareness of the various stigmas that exist in the world, develop an understanding of the challenges that numerous people face, and encourage all people to foster acceptance of themselves and others.

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Gala Sponsors & Donations

On November 18th, Together We Can held our 4th Annual Fundraising Gala event, and although this year things were substantially different and the event was held entirely online, it was…

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