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Joseph McGeough

Joseph McGeough

A.C.E Personal Trainer

The Together we Can Fitness program is a comprehensive whole body workout designed for clients to enhance their physical and mental well-being. Clients will be participating in cardio-vascular exercise as well as resistance training. This workshop is available regardless of skill, age or experience exercising.

Upon completing Together We Can’s Residential First-Stage Program in 2012, I became very aware of my unhealthy diet, sleep habits and overall health. I became concerned with correcting the imbalances in my life caused by my addiction. I found exercise greatly enhanced my mood and energy levels. I became more productive while being active and practicing the program of recovery offered by TWC. My quality of life since has improved drastically.

My passion for fitness grew over the course of my recovery and in the summer of 2014. I graduated from InfoFit with a Personal Training certification. I was offered a six month extended mentorship program by an elite personal trainer. He taught me advanced fitness programing, nutrition, and advanced training tactics. I am excited to carry this knowledge forward through the TWC Fitness Program and am very enthusiastic to offer my insight to the clients at Together We Can.

ACE Certificate Joseph McGeough

What is it and what does it include?

It has been medically proven that physical activity and team sports can assist in the treatment of PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), addictions, depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses.

Together We Can provides a cutting-edge treatment environment that includes an opportunity for clients to participate in our Athletics Program and begin the process of confidence-building, socialization, and concentration which are imperative to living a clean and sober lifestyle. This unique approach is such that it garners the attention and support from Alumni, volunteers, as well as staff members to help facilitate and organize the exclusive activities:

Personal Training

TWC provides a professional one-on-one personal trainer that is able to plan, schedule, and facilitate physical exercise for each client based upon their needs. This includes a comprehensive structure of diet, physical activity routine, and weekly check-ups and assessments.

League Sports

Led by TWC Staff Members, our Athletics Program has weekly planning committees and different activities that allow our clients to sign up and participate together in sober community leagues, tournaments, and “scrum” style play. Sports leagues ranging from soccer to hockey, ultimate frisbee to baseball, our facilitators have the connections to sober sports if you have the willingness!

Stretching & Running

The most important part of a healthy lifestyle is the preparation that goes into the exertion, therefore our on-site personal trainer facilitates a stretching and running program. Our personal trainer has beginner and intermediate running groups available along with a cross training circuit. Participants will be able to see the sights of Vancouver with their workout regimen… Yes, that’s right! Our running program will take clients around the many beautiful districts and parks of Vancouver including but not limited to Stanley Park, Kitsilano, and the sea-wall.

Hiking & Climbing

Led by TWC Staff and Volunteers, clients have the chance to get some fresh air and engage in easy to moderate hikes and climbs around the Greater Vancouver Area that include Burnaby Mountain, the Grouse Grind, trails in Stanley Park, and other sparkling locations around the gorgeous Mainland. Some activities also include rock-climbing and scaling.

Post-Treatment Planning

Aftercare plans are essential to a client’s long-term recovery and as a result of this importance, TWC has implemented our Athletics Program into a participant’s aftercare program that can help them remain connected with the recovery community.

Hockey Program

Together We Can sponsors a hockey team coached and organized by Johnny Ruth, support worker at TWC. The TWC Toros play every weekend at 8 Rinks and welcome all fan support. Players on the TWC Toros have formed great friendships over the last few years and believe in respect, commitment, and integrity on and off the ice. If you have any questions regarding the TWC Toros please feel free to contact Johnny Ruth at 604-809-4060.

Soccer Program

Together We Can provides the men in our Residential Treatment Program with the opportunity to play soccer on the weekends. Soccer games typically take place on Sunday afternoons around 2 pm and are led by one of our counsellors Justin Jackson.

Golf Program

Together We Can is proud to announce that our Golf Program is officially underway! Counsellors Lee Deem and Matt Rands lead groups of clients and staff members on trips to many of the beautiful courses offered in Greater Vancouver such as the Belmont Golf Course in Langley. The guys have a blast enjoying the great scenery and don’t take their scores too seriously despite competitive personalities. The Golf Program is one of the many recreational programs that we offer at Together We Can as a means to encourage team building, unity and appreciation of the outdoors. We want to make sure that anyone who has a passion for golf or other sports is able to participate in the activities they love while residing at Together We Can.

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DOWNLOAD a comprehensive PDF detailing how physical exercise and teamwork leads to wellness.

Without the baseball leagues and gym activities that TWC offers, I would have never progressed in the areas of my recovery that were essential to getting better. I have more energy and I finally have the motivation to accomplish the things I want in life. I recommend this program to anyone who wants to feel a part of a team.

Jordan, TWC
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