Holistic Treatment Approach

Heal Body, Mind, and Soul.

All My Relations – Holistic Treatment

We use a holistic model of treatment that blends indigenous cultural and spiritual practices with established best practices in western based addiction treatment. We take careful consideration of our diverse clientele.

Some indigenous nations refer to the holistic model as the “Medicine wheel” which forms our program structure. Residents work with our clinical staff to address the areas in their life that need focused healing.

Medicine Wheel

Emotional needs:

  • Referrals to partner organizations for culturally appropriate trauma informed counselling
  • Individualized treatment plans that include additional support in areas such as grief and loss, PTSD, anxiety, depression and non substance use based addictions (i.e. internet, gambling, shopping addictions)

Mental needs:

  • Daily addiction recovery sessions covering topics such as identifying triggers, understanding addiction, preventing relapse and developing a strong program of recovery.
  • Written step work based on the 12 step model of recovery

Physical needs:

  • Sports and recreation activities that promote physical health and increase teamwork among program clients.
  • Meals have been designed to promote nutrition and improve the treatment experience; we serve traditional indigenous foods on a regular basis.

Spiritual Needs:

  • Daily smudging ceremony and regular workshops delivered by elders and knowledge keepers.
  • Regular attendance at sweat lodge ceremonies and other ceremonies to enhance wellness.
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