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Together We Can Community


The Together We Can Alumni Group, is held every second Thursday from 7-8 pm at TWC’s main centre at 2831 Kingsway, Vancouver. This meeting is an ideal forum to discuss issues and form solutions in life with the help of your TWC ALUMNI support group. Ask to Join ALUMNI GROUP Facebook Page.

Typical Topics Discussed Include:

  • 12-step work with newcomers and one’s role as a sponsor
  • Healthy financial choices in regards to saving and debt
  • Information about local recovery related events such as dances, conventions, and workshops
  • Service opportunities within the Greater Vancouver recovery community
  • Coping methods for stress and anxiety
  • Continuing one’s spiritual growth in recovery
  • Developing healthy and lasting relationship 


Becoming involved with Together We Can’s Alumni Group has proven to be highly beneficial for our clients as they transition back into work or explore new educational or vocational opportunities. Anyone who has completed residential treatment at Together We Can is more than welcome to attend Alumni Group and become involved with the Alumni Society. For more information about Together We Can’s Alumni Society feel free to contact Carol Anne at



We at Together We Can realize that recovery from substance abuse doesn’t stop when our residents leave our Residential Recovery Program. People in recovery need to ensure they maintain a sense of connectedness and unity to successfully move forward.

Together We Can’s Alumni Society is comprised of men who have successfully completed treatment at TWC, and subsequently made a transition back to their homes or a transitional housing environment. The ALUMNI Society is very active in creating opportunities, programs, and funding for the newcomer. thumb_P1140761_1024

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