Senior Support Staff

Walter Bailey - Senior Support Worker at TWC


All My Relations

Walter was born in New Brunswick but came to the lower mainland at 4 months old. Growing up in the area, Walter provides a great perspective and helps to guide new residents that are coming to the lower mainland for treatment. A member of Narcotics Anonymous for the last 12 years, Walter’s wealth of knowledge surrounding the 12-steps plays a vital role in his daily interactions with the residents of the All My Relations program. His compassion, empathy, and care are displayed every day in his role as Senior Support Worker. Watching the residents learn, change, grow, and overcome their struggles is the main reason why Walter loves his vocation and wants to continue his own learning in the field of addictions. The most enjoyable part of Walter’s position is working with the Elders and knowledge keepers. The Elders teach the AMR residents about culture through sweats, smudging, medicine kit creation, making drums and cultural history.  In his spare time, Walter can be found on his dirt bike exploring new trails and terrains.