All My Relations is a 90 day program that blends Western based addiction treatment with indigenous healing practices. While we primarily serve indigenous men, we also welcome any male that has a desire to use indigenous healing in their recovery from substance use disorder.

From the first day of treatment, clients join a supportive community and have the benefit of qualified counsellors, support staff, elders and traditional knowledge keepers.

Traditions such as the medicine wheel, smudging, and sweat lodges are an integral part of the healing process. Through them, clients begin to lead a spiritual life. They come to see where they were out of balance and take the necessary actions to restore harmony.

Our ultimate goal for clients is the creation of a new code of behavior and a healthy outlook on themselves and others. In order to achieve this, we access cultural services and resources and facilitate several culturally specific workshops.


The All My Relations program is staffed by qualified clinicians and treatment professionals. We have structured and intensive individual and group therapy sessions.

Some indigenous nations refer to the holistic model as the “medicine wheel” which forms our program structure. Clients work with our clinical staff to address the areas in their life that need focused healing.


Emotional needs

  • Referrals to partner organizations for culturally appropriate trauma informed counselling
  • Individualized treatment plans that include additional support in areas such as grief and loss, PTSD, anxiety, depression and non-substance use-based addictions (i.e. internet, gambling, shopping addiction)

Mental needs

Daily addiction recovery sessions covering topics such as identifying triggers, understanding addiction, preventing relapse and developing a strong program of recovery.

Written step work based on the Twelve step model of recovery

Physical needs

  • Sports and recreation activities that promote physical health and increase teamwork among program clients.
  • Meals have been designed to promote nutrition and improve the treatment experience; we serve traditional indigenous foods on a regular basis.

Spiritual needs

  • Daily smudging ceremony and regular workshops delivered by elders and knowledge keepers.
  • Regular attendance at sweat lodge ceremonies and other ceremonies to enhance wellness.


The Twelve Step model
The 12 step model was developed in the 1930s and forms the basis of the Alcoholics Anonymous program. The steps provide a spiritually based method to learn about sobriety and to create a foundation for a healthier lifestyle. The principles of the twelve steps are compatible with many spiritual traditions of indigenous people.

Big Book study
Clients are given a copy of the book Alcoholics Anonymous, commonly referred to as the Big Book. We hold a weekly workshop where this text is studied and discussed. Clients benefit from an enhanced understanding of how they can apply the concepts of the Big Book to their recovery program.

Twelve Step written work
The program includes daily written step work. Clients receive 12 packages corresponding to each of the 12 steps. We require a client to obtain a sponsor and a home group within the first 30 days of treatment. Once they have completed Step 4, they are required to complete an oral Step 5 with an outside sponsor. We will assist clients in selecting a suitable sponsor. Clients are expected to complete all 12 steps prior to program completion.

Group education sessions
Each weekday morning, clients attend an education session related to addiction recovery. We have regular guests such as elders come in to provide traditional teachings. Our counselling staff delivers workshops on personal wellness, relapse prevention and the 12 step model of addiction recovery. Through these educational workshops, clients explore the personal and collective reasons that led to their addiction. Cultural teachings are also provided which allow men to continue walking the red road after treatment.

Wellness activities & recreation
We strive to enhance the recovery experience through healthy activities and recreation. We offer yoga and acupuncture. We organize outings throughout the Lower Mainland - such as the UBC Museum of Anthropology and promote healthy recreation such as hiking trips at various locations. Clients are also encouraged to obtain passes at the Surrey Recreation Centre where they have workout facilities and a swimming pool available.


Our residences are located in a quiet residential neighbourhood in Surrey with convenient access to shopping and leisure activities. Clients enjoy comfortable accommodations, high quality meals, and a variety of recreational activities.