Alex is the lead Counsellor at the Alliance Recovery Program. With significant previous experience working in the addiction and treatment industry, Alex brings a plethora of skills and knowledge to the table which allows him to help each person he comes into contact with. From 2001 to 2009, Alex travelled and lived in a variety of different countries for 6 months at a time working on local quality of life projects such as irrigation, school construction, church planting, medical supervision and general advocacy. After nearly a decade split between Canada and varies places abroad, Alex started working in the addiction field. He first got his feet wet as a support worker, but quickly realized that he wanted to be involved in impactful one-on-one counselling work. He initially obtained a Basic Counselling Skills designation, and then went on to complete his Addiction Counselling Certificate. In addition to his direct counselling expertise, Alex is known for his outstanding group facilitation and ability to convey a strong message. Alex likes to focus on creating empathetic and stimulating psycho-educational groups that stimulate his clients from a feeling of general ambivalence to one where positive life changes are possible. An upbeat individual, Alex brings passion, care, optimism and wisdom to the table each and every day.