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Healing Indigenous Men and Families

Together We Can has specific Addiction Therapy Programs that address and treat issues within the indigenous community, but also offers spiritual healing traditions and teachings to all of their residents.

Indigenous Recovery Program Facilitators

Jackson Dionne

Addictions Counsellor

Jackson obtained a Certificate of Counselling Science, and a specialized Alcohol and Drug Counselling Certificate from the Counsellor Training Institute of Canada. After earning these certificates in 2000, Jackson was employed by the Native Court Worker and Counselling Association of Vancouver where he worked as an addictions counsellor and manager.

Jackson supervised four programs for this organization including Alcohol and Drug Counselling, Detox Management, Elder Support and HIV Prevention.

Wade Moses

Addictions Counsellor

Wade is a certified addiction counsellor specializing in issues specific to North American Indigenous cultures. With 12 years of sobriety, Wade has the front-line experience to accompany his Addictions Counselling Certification from VCC and Family and Community Certificate from the Native Education College in BC.

Wade is a Lenape Native of the Delaware Nation, his people are the Munsee grounded in the Eastern Canadian Indigenous heritage. After finding sobriety on August 24th, 2004, Wade began to explore his desire to help those struggling with substance misuse and mental health disorders.

Bill Sinclair

Resident Services

Bill has been an employee at Together We Can for over eleven years. Previously, Bill worked in Outreach Services for the Native Friendship Centre and volunteered at the Open Door in the Downtown Eastside helping indigenous youth find access to housing and addiction services.

Bill eventually developed a Sports Program for Indigenous youth which allowed them to participate in recreational activities such as hiking, fishing, and team sports.