Program Overview

Helping Men Heal

All My Relations Overview

TWC All My Relations incorporates western based addiction treatment with indigenous healing practices. Aboriginal men in Canada experience higher addiction rates than other segments of the Canadian population due to the intergenerational effects of colonization.

We acknowledge that many of our clients may have attended residential school, have had a direct ancestor attend residential school, or may have spend their childhood years adopted to a non-indigenous home or in the foster care system.

Through government policies such as the Indian Act, many indigenous communities nearly lost their cultural and spiritual practices. Addressing the collective and individual traumas that many indigenous men face is critical to overcoming substance abuse issues.

TWC All My Relations is firmly committed to providing a safe, therapeutic and culturally appropriate environment for our clients to develop wellness.

There are three main components to the TWC All My Relations program:

  • Addiction recovery programming
  • The 12 step model of recovery
  • Indigenous culturally based programming