Admission Requirements

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We welcome everyone at TWC, regardless of individual backgrounds. Our participants are adult men aged 19 years and older who share the common goal of successfully recovering from their addictions. We are passionately invested in your success as well.

In order for us to provide a safe, healing environment for our program participants, all potential TWC clients must be detoxed before admission into our program.

Family Support, Addiction RehabCommunity Resource Referrals

  • Physicians/nurses
  • Hospital and other social workers
  • Community Health and Addiction Programs
  • Employee Assistance Programs
  • Shelters and other temporary residences
  • Other Drug Rehabilitation Services
  • Self-Referral

There are two commitments TWC require of participants.

  1. Commitment to participate in all aspects of the program. 
    Our program is rigorous and demands a total commitment to recovery including total abstinence from drugs and alcohol. Clients are required to attend all group and individual counselling sessions, community meetings and other group activities as directed. Specific assigned chores to help with the upkeep of the residences are also required.
  2.  Willingness to adhere to residential guidelines. 
    Residential guidelines are in place to ensure the safety of every participant. We expect each participant to be respectful of others’ needs and the general rules of the TWC Community. Since our earliest beginnings, we have worked hard to be good neighbours and take pride in never having had any problems in this regards.

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Before accepting new residents, The TWC Intake Services Coordinators gather information and review applicants in order to better understand their needs. Once a participant is admitted to TWC, there is a 72 hour probation period where we continue to monitor and assess progress. We then direct each resident towards their individualized program.

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