Addiction Recovery Program

Phase One – Stabilization

After the initial intake process and treatment assessments are completed, residents are given a tour and an orientation package which outlines program requirements, rules and a daily schedule of activities. The treatment assessment helps the counselling staff to identify specific issues and challenges that individuals will focus on in their early recovery.

They then enter our Stabilization Group Therapy class facilitated by Certified Addictions Counsellor Jesse Kiss, CCAC. This Stabilization group tends to last between 10-14 days before residents advance to the Senior Process Groups.

Men meeting over their addiction issuesDuring Stabilization, residents are introduced to basic tools and strategies of recovery, and how to begin to use them.  There are engaged group discussions where members often connect on an emotional level. Typical topics discussed include: Acceptance, positive communication, Relapse Prevention. A basic overview of the 12 Steps of AA, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) exercises are also intergrated in the initial stage of treatment.

Men in this group are encouraged to share openly and honestly about their experiences and thoughts with the common goal of creating a safe recovery environment – often resulting unity and lasting bonds.

Jesse has years of experience facilitating this group and helps newcomers to TWC feel immediately welcomed, safe and understood. Recovery concepts are kept simple during a client’s time in the Stabilization Group as participants are likely to be experiencing moderate to severe symptoms of post-acute withdrawal.

In conjunction with their time in Jesse’s Stabilization Group, client’s also participate in a variety of extra programs, workshops and one-on-one counselling sessions. Learn more about our Therapy Programs.

Jesse Kiss - Stabilization CounsellorJesse Kiss, CCAC

Stabilization Counsellor

An integral part of the TWC’s primary residential treatment program, Jesse has worked in the addictions field since 2008 and has been the Stabilization Counsellor at Together We Can since 2010. Jesse has completed the Addictions Counselling Program offered at Vancouver Community College and is certified in Satir Family Counselling. He also holds a CCAC designation as a Certified Canadian Addiction Counsellor and earned a SMART Recovery Facilitator Certificate.

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Phase Two – Senior Process Groups

Upon successful completion of Stabilization Group, residents then advance into our three distinct senior process groups. Mick Dosanjh and Lee Deem are CCAC certified addictions counsellors who have years of experience working in Addictions Recovery. The Senior Process Groups are approximately two weeks each.  Residents are encouraged to work through all three while they are in residential treatment.

The counselling staff who facilitate our senior process groups are devoted, experienced and knowledgeable professionals inherently passionate and dedicated to improving the lives of men beginning their journeys in recovery. Resident participation and progress is monitored by their counsellors and a formal mid-term assessment is conducted to assess the resident’s recovery program. This is where we begin the planning process of “Life After Treatment”, our Alumni Group, and aftercare support systems.

Our intention is to leave participants armed with an array of tools and strategies necessary to maintain, grow and flourish in their recovery.

Lee DeemLee Deem, CCAC – Recovery Foundations

Addictions Counsellor

Client’s in Lee’s Senior Process Group are immediately engaged by a passionate and electrifying individual with an uncanny ability to cut through denial  and negativity bred from addiction. Lee speaks openly and honestly with clients about his experience with the 12 Steps of AA and uses his SMART Recovery faciltation skills to encourage questions and active contributions from group participants.

With a focus on the first three steps, Lee presentations a basic recovery foundation for clients to build their lives on. Typical topics discusses in Lee’s group include: surrender and acceptance, exploration of spirituality, the “crux” of an alcoholics problem and developing a strong support group. 

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Mick DosanjhMick Dosanjh, CCAC – 12 Steps to Recovery

Addictions Counsellor

Mick Dosanjh has over nine years of experience working in the addictions field and quickly brings clients up to speed on philosophies and principles encompassed in the program of Alcoholics Anonymous.

With a knack for helping clients practically apply the steps in everyday life, Mick is also highly knowledgeable regarding the latest scientific theories regarding addiction and recovery. With a complete spectrum of care approach, Mick has has undergone SMART Recovery training and is a SMART certified group facilitator.

Mick thoroughly breaks down the process of writing out a proper step four inventory and conveys the importance of making amends and clearing the wreckage of one’s past. Clients consistently leave Mick’s group feeling invigorated, informed and optimistic about their future.

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Joey McGeough - Addictions CounsellorJoey McGeough – Healing, Living and Family


Clients in Joey’s group counselling are taught how to find a deeper understanding of themselves. His emphasis on the motivational systems that drive people to the actions and behaviors  they display in everyday life is unrivaled.

Joey guides clients to search within themselves for the reasons why self destructive behavior manifests, and to explore ways in which these behaviors can be identified and terminated.

Joey’s process opens up discussion and explores humans from an evolutionary viewpoint; discussing the prime biological functions of human beings and how these functions interface with the modern world.

With experience in the fitness industry,  Joey also touches on the importance of a healthy body as well as a healthy mind. With physical exercise being an important role in recovery, Joey teaches clients about proper exercise form, workout plans, and nutrition for optimal health.

Joey’s passion for fitness and for helping others is evident to all of those around him. Teaching people about fitness and proper exercise is something that he enjoys thoroughly and he is happy to get others excited about as well.

Navigating Home - Healing SpiritNavigating Home – Healing Spirit

We employ a variety of traditional approaches to healing, and use the principles and concepts embedded in Aboriginal spirituality for use in his daily therapeutic treatments and counselling sessions.

We encourage residents to smudge every morning and invite alumni and residents to attend sweat lodge ceremonies that are held throughout the Lower Mainland.

Residents also have the opportunity to learn from elders and to attend cultural gatherings and other ceremonies on a regular basis.

TWC encourages the men in this group to dedicate themselves to constant spiritual growth as a source of strength and stability.

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