A Parent’s Vision

A Parent’s Vision for a Bright Future

Our son Peter is far across the country from us and normally my husband and I would be anxious and concerned about him, given his past practice of alcohol abuse, but because of Together We Can, this is no longer the case.  Although his first attempt as a resident was unsuccessful due to a premature exit by his own choice, he was given a second opportunity.  It has been a long, arduous journey for all of us because of this terribly misunderstood disease.

Like all parents we had great hopes and a vision for our son, not the least of which was a post-secondary education.  We were very happy when he decided to go to college.  Our joy, however,  was short lived as we discovered he was developing a problem and had less and less regard for his future.  He struggled from one relationship, poor choice or negative situation to the next without ever considering the consequences of his actions. He had lost his way, his moral compass was askew and our vision for him seemed to be shattered. Our hearts were broken. Many years of trying to be emotionally and financially supportive through all of it, were wearing us thin.  Our efforts to get him counselling were met with roadblocks from the system and from Peter himself.

For the past seven months though, the outlook is looking very promising for Peter.  Having completed stage one at TWC and now in stage two, we have never heard him sounding so excited about his life.  We always knew he had great potential and it appears his abilities are all coming to fruition as he receives encouragement from TWC on a daily basis.  He has been given a variety of responsibilities and seems to be embracing these with a spirit of conscientiousness and pride.  He is enjoying sports again, he loves the people he works with and the residents he rooms with.  He attends the 12 step program he is obligated to attend and he does so willingly.  Life is good again for him and for us.  We are very proud of him and more importantly, he is proud of himself and the new vision he has for his future.  He is hoping to go back to school and for this we thank God and the enormous support he has received from TWC.  Our hopes for a successful future for Peter is once again looking bright.

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