Forgive or Forget

“Forgive or Forget”

I wrong someone in life,
Guilt and shame grab on tight,
To my mental fibres and conscience,
Killing me inside,
What should I do?
I know to apologize,
Now if someone hurts me,
I get angry and resentful,
If I was $10 short,
Or lost a girlfriend to be,
In this big fucked up world,
It’s all the same to me,
Do I forgive or forget?
Both together aren’t possible,
To forgive is to set free,
Forgetting builds resentment inside of me,
The choice is sometimes simple,
Forgive and just be,
Most of the time though,
I forget and become unhappy,
Not being able to decide,
Whether it’s worth fixing or just running to hide,
It’s always a battle between ignorance and truth,
What’s right from wrong?,
I always have to prove,
That I stand by my morals,
Perhaps this will be,
The one deciding factor,
Making or breaking me,
Forgive or forget,
Happy or resent,
It’s only up to you to forgive or make use,
Become your inner beauty and life will find you.

by Eddie Malone

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