Month: March 2016

Celebrate Sobriety Testimonial

My name is Berend M. I am one of the outgoing Co Chair’s of Celebrate Sobriety. The LGBTQ conference that took place on March 25-27 2016.

I want to commend and thank Together We Can for supporting us this year and to tell you what an inspiration the men you sent from the house were at this years conference. They were a vital and crucial part of this weekend and the conference would not have been the same without them.

They were so grateful and proud to be a part of the weekend’s celebration and each made it a point to thank me and to express their gratitude.

My heart swelled on the Saturday evening after the dance when I saw them all stand in front of the rainbow coloured balloon arch and took a group photo. Smiling and beaming.

Celebrate Sobriety strives and does it’s very best to encourage people from all walks of life to come and celebrate the awesome power of Alcoholics Anonymous. It is also very important that we be there for the struggling and striving people new in recovery and for those coming back.

I would also like to send a special thank you to James and Don for showing great leadership throughout the weekend. They were there for your guys 100% offering support and encouragement to each and every one. I hope they both see that they are real leaders and exemplify the amazing work you do with those who live within your houses.


Thank you.


In gratitude and service

Berend M


Second Stage Program Testimonial

My experience in TWC has been essential to reintegrate back into society. Over the
3.5 months spent in the house others have noticed continual emotional
development. A big component to this has been assisting others in the house,
extending a helping hand even when it’s not convenient. This has taught me the
responsibility of true friendship and it something I will carry with me forever.
The laughter, structure and camaraderie around the house have all helped me
continue to heal. I arrived at TWC still fearful but somehow by the end, I don’t
worry about old thoughts and fears that have once haunted me. This is the magic
that being kind and loving to all has freed me from, TWC second stage allowed me to
put this into practice and show it works-it really does!
It is my firm belief that time in a recovery house after treatment is one of the secret
ingredients to success in recovery. Why? It’s one of those things we all say we’ll
never do when starting on the road to recovery. The gifts that come our way when
we do things we don’t want to do are the greatest in life. Thank you, Trevor and the
rest of the TWC crew, I’m forever grateful!


  • Terrance F, Second Stage Residential Program client

Family Program Testimonial

Of course we are happy to comment on your amazing, life-saving program at TWC. When we brought our 21 year old son to you, each and every person we met was welcoming and caring. We had been struggling with Scott’s problems for 3 years. He has a diagnosed mental health issue, which quickly became a drug problem in the last few months. I called TWC one Wednesday morning, and was immediately given hope when I spoke with Steve. Steve listened to my concerns, talked openly about his struggles, and invited us to visit the facility. We jumped at the invitation and our drive into Burnaby (with my husband and Scott) was really difficult. Scott was adamant that he could not be helped, and he was not going to even talk to anyone there. Through Divine Intervention, our son got out of the car, and walked up the TWC stairs. We were greeted with “hellos” and kind words. When we talked to Steve, we could see Scott relaxing a bit. Then we talked to Jordan, and Scott talked a bit more. By the end of these two conversations, Scott had made a commitment to attend, though he didn’t want to stay that night. We were concerned that he would change his mind by the morning, so Steve suggested they send a driver to pick him up. Loyd arrived at 7 am and Scott went with him. We are so thankful to Steve for his unending commitment to our son and to our family. He is always available to hear our concerns and show Scott his kindness and compassion. Jordan is a confident and energetic young man, who our son respects. We were so grateful that he was able to tell his story at one of the family sessions. It was difficult for him to talk so openly with the families, and it meant a lot to us. Daniel’s story was also very moving, and we see the strength in these men, as they overcome great life obstacles. It gives us such hope for our son. We are also very thankful for Loyd, who drove into TWC one night when Scott was really struggling. He took him out for coffee and then watched a hockey game. Our family sessions have been helpful. Betty is a knowledgeable and no-nonsense woman, who facilitates this program with professional and personal knowledge. These are just examples of the support at TWC. I could say much more, but I was supposed to be brief. The men at TWC are amazing and strong people. Scott is only one month into his recovery, and we continue to be cautiously optimistic, but whatever life holds for our son, we are eternally grateful for your program. We thank the Lord for TWC!

  • Jane B, Family Program Participant

Get SMART Fast Training

Together We Can believes in an open-minded, innovative and multi-faceted approach to combating substance misuse and all of the inherent psychological and emotional issues that result. Our staff present clients with materials and concepts from a wide range of disciplines and encourage the men in our Residential Treatment Program to find what is effective for their ongoing success in recovery. The counselling staff at Together We Can participate in Get SMART Fast training as a way to facilitate groups based on the latest concepts in CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) and REBT (rational emotive behavioral therapy).  SMART (Self-management and Recovery Training) is a recovery system which focuses on introducing strategies for coping with urges, motivation, balance, and problematic thoughts, feelings and behaviors. The SMART recovery system aims to empower individuals with the latest scientifically backed knowledge so they can make lasting changes and live happy and productive lives in recovery. Our counselling staff actively incorporate the concepts from SMART recovery in conjunction with the principles embodied in 12-step recovery programs. Men in our Program are given the option to access SMART meetings in the community as a means to build support outside of Together We Can. Whether it’s SMART, the 12-Steps, or both, developing coping strategies will ensure our clients find lasting fulfilment while leading lives free from drugs and alcohol. Click here for more information on SMART.

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New TWC Apparel

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