Month: January 2016

Heart Of Hope

Heart of Hope, a charitable foundation operating under the umbrella of Mr. Rick Diamond’s Heart Foundation, supplies meals to the homeless and needy in Vancouver and Surrey. They will be running a meal program at the Surrey Urban Mission (10776 King George Blvd Surrey, BC) from 8am to 9:30am, Sundays through Fridays. With the exception of Sunday, meals will be handed out through a take-out window and your donations or volunteer efforts are needed to help this fantastic cause. There is the option of purchasing meal tokens online for as little as $2.50, proceeds from which go directly towards providing a hot breakfast to someone less fortunate in the community. For more information on the Heart of Hope and their various initiatives or to purchase meal tokens online, please visit Make a difference and contribute to the Heart of Hope today!


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Meditation and Mindfulness at Together We Can

Meditation at Together We Can is introduced within the first month of a client’s treatment stay and is encouraged throughout their time here. As a client begins to adjust to new realities, we attempt to assist them in becoming centred as a way to cope with destructive thought patterns and unhealthy emotional states. We employ a number of certified
counsellors and professionals that work hand-in-hand providing comprehensive therapy in the form of meditative and mindfulness techniques. Being clouded by substance misuse inhibits a person’s self-identification process. Once a person becomes abstinent, deep spiritual healing work is required to experience a fulfilling and meaningful sobriety. Clients who regularly meditate and practice mindfulness are well-equipped to confront fears and face challenges that lie ahead in early recovery.

“Our Meditation Program lines up with Together We Can’s philosophy of compassion towards oneself and others. The practice of meditation helps the men in our Treatment Program still their busy minds and become more in tune with the world around them. Mindfulness paves the path to lasting and meaningful change in one’s life.”

 – TWC Executive Director Stacy Wilsongolden-buddha_MJsjWSjd

Together We Can’s Meditation Program encompasses a five-pillar approach and is continuing to expand. It includes:

  • Weekly acupuncture and guided meditation sessions facilitated by Dr. TCM Kim Graham.
  • Group counselling with a central focus on learning and utilizing meditation and mindfulness techniques.
  • Inclusive beginner yoga classes each week which are facilitated by our certified Yoga Instructor Stefanie.
  • Scheduled times for clients to participate in mindfulness meditation exercises facilitated by a TWC Counsellor.
  • EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) therapy offered by Leanne Clarkson who is a Master Practitioner in Clinical Counselling.


EMDR Therapy at Together We Can

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Recent studies and evaluations by the medical community have deemed EMDR Therapy as an effective tool in the treatment of PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), anxiety, depression, and other symptoms of substance misuse. EMDR stands for eye movement desensitization and reprocessing and is effective in the development of coping strategies for distressing memories and mental states. When a disturbing thought or unwanted memory forces itself into one’s consciousness, rapid movement of the eyes will typically follow as a psychological response. EMDR trains clients to make voluntary movements of the eyes as a way to combat the debilitating emotional state that can result from constantly reliving traumatic memories.

This form of therapy is broken down into eight distinction phases which include an assessment of the client, preparation for therapy and a desensitization process. EDMR therapy does not require full disclosure of traumatic events to one’s therapist. Progress typically occurs at a rapid rate as clients apply a solution-based approach to problems they face. Issues are segmented as practitioners sift through painful “baggage” from the participants past and actively work to open the reality of healing. By focusing on the nervous system, internal information is processed and “stored away” in a healthier manner. Working with a trained EMDR Practitioner will allow healing and a shift from destructive beliefs to renewed hope and stability in recovery.

Leanne Clarkson, MPCC (Master Practitioner in Clinical Counselling) will be facilitating an EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Workshop at Together We Can for men in our First-Stage Residential Treatment Program. Aside fro her traditional counselling skills, Leanne also employs EDMR therapy techniques during this workshop. For more information on Leanne and the services she provides please click here to visit her website.

New Year Milestones – Congratulations Bill Sinclair, Carol Anne Turbitt and Mark Oliveira

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Congratulations to Mark Oliveira, Bill Sinclair and Carol Anne Barlow Turbitt on their respective milestones in sobriety! Today, Mark celebrated four years of sobriety along with Carol Anne who has reached an amazing twenty four years of continuous sobriety! Bill Sinclair discreetly popped into the Vancouver Recovery Club last week to grab his ten year fob. These upstanding individuals have demonstrated a consistent willingness to change and help other men in recovery. Carol Anne has been facilitating process groups at Together We Can for over seven years and has aided countless men with their struggles throughout recovery. Mark, Carol Anne and Bill have overcome major obstacles on their journeys from hopelessness to optimism and joy. Together We Can would like to formally commend Mark, Carol Anne and Bill for being true leaders and extraordinary examples of recovery in action.