Month: June 2015

With Service comes Happiness

TWC Alumni Help Clothe the Downtown East Side

As a man in Recovery, service work has always been an important tool in keeping me clean and sober.  It was one of the first things I had heard and witnessed when I came into Recovery 3 years ago.  Selflessly giving back with no expectation of anything in return brought a feeling of inner happiness for helping out a fellow man in need.  It started with stacking chairs at a meeting or spending time with a new comer.  I’ve learned that service work comes in many forms.  TWC Alumni, their friends and volunteers came together to help out the people of the downtown East side and put a smile on their faces while giving them a glimmer of hope.

As we began setting up in Oppenheimer Park early Saturday morning, putting up tables and organizing a full van of clothing, the people of the DTES started to congregate towards us.  They were inquisitive, patient and gracious throughout the event.  Everyone took what they needed and moved along so the next person in line could find some buried treasure that would keep them warm through nights of life on skid row.  Every single one of them gave thanks for our help and kindness in giving back to an area desperately in need of compassion and charity.  It only took a couple hours for the seemingly endless supply of donated clothes to be distributed throughout the community. Our team dropped off the remaining clothing to a local shelter at the end of the day.

This was the first clothing drive I had the pleasure of being a part of and I would do it again in a heartbeat.  To be part of the TWC Alumni and being able to be of service to a community I have nothing but empathy and love for, made my day and gave me a sincere sense of purpose in the world.  Thank you TWC and all the kind people who donated clothing and made this event possible.