Month: November 2014

TWC Movember Final Update

It is with great pleasure that we share with you a few of our final Movember update pictures. These gentlemen persevered and stuck it out until the end, and are like many who helped make this month a success in raising awareness about men’s health. We were thrilled to be able to participate in this years Movember movement and eagerly look forward to making next years even better! To date, the Together We Can Movember Team has raised over $400 towards men’s health.

But Movember isn’t done yet, so there’s still time to help out and show your support for this worthy cause. From November 1st to November 30th, TWC will be donating $1.00 to the Movember cause for every “Like” we receive on our Facebook page. Helping out is just a click away!
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Family Counseling Night at Together We Can

Just a reminder that Wednesday nights from 6:30-8:30pm is always family night at Together We Can. We invite all family members to come out for these series of fantastic family counselling workshops hosted by Betty C., who has over 25 years experience in the recovery community, as she explores the complex topic of addiction. Learn about the disease of addiction, its signs + symptoms, and what you can do to help a loved one in recovery.

If you are interested in attending, please contact Jordan at 604-451-9854 to register. We look forward to seeing you there!

Residential Treatment Proven Effective

With so many treatment modalities to choose from, it can be hard to know what is the best choice of action for a loved one suffering from addiction. Check out this great article that suggests that even a month at an in-patient facility can be massively beneficial to helping opioid addicts achieve long term sobriety compared to the typical outpatient approach incorporating buprenorphine/naloxone. Further, the study cited in the article supports the importance of continuing or transitional care after completing initial treatment. Transitional housing and reintegration into society are key corner stones of Together We Can’s approach that help clients smoothly transition back into regular, healthy life.

Check out the article.


The Diamond Family Foundation Clothing Drive

Together We Can is proud to support The Diamond Family Foundation as they hold their clothing drive on December 6th to provide clothing for those less fortunate. This is yet another spectacular event organized by The Diamond Family Foundation, at a time when warm clothes are needed most for those who do not have access to sufficient clothing. Please come out and help support this event by bringing and donating any clothes you have that are in good condition. This event will take place at the Cloverdale Fairgrounds at 76th St. & 62nd Ave in Surrey.

There will be delicious hot dogs and hot chocolate available by donation.

For more information about this event, please contact Alley @ 604-754-9015 or

TWC Client Stories

Join us every week as our clients share some of their inspirational stories about their unique, individual experiences at Together We Can. We appreciate and marvel at their candour as they reveal how they struggled and overcame obstacles in early recovery. This week Nick M. shares his story.

Nick M.’s Story

I came to treatment broken, alone, and I didn’t want to live anymore. I was living in drug houses and on the streets. I lost my job and I was stealing from my mother. My life was going nowhere and as a result, my mom and my best friend found a place in Vancouver for me to get well. I packed my belongings and hopped on a plane to come to Together We Can.

When I got here I was initially hesitant about the process, but after sticking it out I wanted to be here after a week and I was beginning to notice changes in myself. After an 81 day stay, I could finally say that I loved myself and had an awesome relationship with my mom again and felt better than I ever had. I thought that I had it all figured out and when I returned to my hometown in Ontario and relapsed.

I made the decision to return to TWC and this time took my program more seriously and thought long-term. I experienced each of TWC’s counselling groups again and now I volunteer at the facility as an assistant house manager. I feel like I am on top of the world at the moment. I’ve made some amazing friendships here and I owe my life to TWC and the staff here. I could not have done this on my own. I have completed two other treatment programs and this is the one that truly saved my life. Yet again today I have a great relationship with my mom and my family but more importantly myself. I want to live life today and I wouldn’t change the way I feel now for anything. Thank you, Together We Can

TWC Family Night

Attention TWC clients and family, just a reminder that Wednesday nights from 6:30-8:30 is Family Night at TWC. Join Betty Conroy as she helps to bring a greater understanding of addiction and its impact on the family. If you are interested in attending, please contact the TWC office at 604-451-9854 and speak to Jordan. We look forward to seeing you!

Also, we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support with our Movember Facebook Like Drive. Please continue to help spread the word about this initiative and how it can help change the face of men’s health

From November 1st to November 30th, TWC will be donating $1.00 to the Movember cause for every “Like” we receive on our Facebook page. Help bring awareness to men’s health!
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National Addictions Awareness Week

From November 17–21, 2014 the Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse (CCSA) joins organizations across the country in observing National Addictions Awareness Week (NAAW). Led nationally by CCSA, NAAW highlights issues and solutions to help address alcohol- and other drug-related harm. It provides an opportunity for Canadians to learn more about substance abuse prevention, to talk about treatment and recovery, and to bring forward solutions for change. This year, issues surrounding impaired driving and substance abuse prevention among young people are at the top of the list.

CCSA will also mark the National Day of Remembrance for Road Crash Victims on November 19 during NAAW by drawing attention to the growing problem of drug-impaired driving.

Led nationally by CCSA, NAAW brings attention to the critical issues associated with alcohol- and other drug-related harms to individuals, families and communities across Canada. It provides an opportunity for Canadians to learn more about substance abuse prevention, to talk about treatment and recovery, and to bring forward solutions for change. This year, CCSA will mark each day during NAAW by placing emphasis on different substances and youth-related issues, including the use of alcohol, cannabis and prescription drugs, as well as the problem of impaired driving.

Preventing and reducing harms associated with substance use and abuse by our youth is a priority for CCSA and its many partners. A substantial amount of change and growth—including significant brain growth and development—takes place during youth. Additionally, youth 15 to 24 years of age have the highest self-reported past-year use of illicit substances compared to older Canadians, and are approximately five times more likely than adults aged 25 years and older to report harm because of drug use.
Substance use and abuse during this critical time can have impacts that persist long after the high has worn off, including chronic disease, addiction and mental health disorders. Preventing these harms is key to helping reduce the demand on an already strained treatment system. Furthermore, evidence-informed prevention and early intervention programs also reduce the cost of substance abuse to society: analysis shows reported savings of $15–$18 for every dollar spent on drug abuse prevention.

Diamond Dogs Fuel Recovery in BC

Together We Can is excited to announce a partnership with the Rick and Sue Diamond Foundation for a long-term fundraising initiative to support Recovery in the Lower Mainland.  Introducing Diamond Dogs! With a simple hot-dog cart and the passion to help a growing community of addiction survivors we want to turn your hunger into dollars donated for the cause.

One hundred percent (yes! 100%) of ALL PROCEEDS benefit several charitable causes.  Currently Together We Can (TWC) will donate its full part of the proceeds to the Alano Club of Vancouver.  Other causes include the myriad of efforts the Rick & Sue Diamond Foundation supports including one of their newest projects called “The Living Room”.  The Living Room is a drop in centre that will support homeless and addicted in Surrey with a place to learn about and fight their addiction, get help, get food, and most importantly stay alive.  Many of those who join the successive ranks of the recovery community give back countless hours to help newcomers and help those who are down on their luck find hope and become productive, kind and understanding members of society.

The hot dog cart is donated by the Rick & Sue Diamond Foundation and is staffed by client-volunteers from Together We Can.  These clients are excited to give back to society by donating their time and effort and we are extremely proud of them.  Expect to see our DIAMOND DOGS all over Vancouver.   Hungry while christmas shopping?  Don’t expect bad weather to stop our passion!  What happens when a homeless person asks us for some food?  Well, we give them one.  We are REAL and we are here to help make Vancouver a better place with your help.  Hot dogs and smokies are reasonably priced and fantastically tasty.

We thank all the volunteers, as well as everyone who came out to support us at 1525 W 7th Avenue, Vancouver at the Alano Club  this weekend.  Smokies, hot dogs, and drinks were savoured and enjoyed by everyone. Stay tuned for our next event, where we will be serving delicious hot dogs again. Special thanks to the Rick and Sue Diamond Foundation for their generosity and commitment to community fundraising initiatives such as this.

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Remembrance Day

Together We Can reflects poignantly on this somber day, as we pay tribute to the countless men and women who gave their lives in battle to ensure the rights & freedoms of every Canadian could be enjoyed for future generations to come. We proudly support and pay gratitude to all members of Canada’s armed forces, both past and present. Your sacrifice and valour will live in the hearts of Canadians forever.