Month: February 2014

Sober Living in Victoria, British Columbia

Sober Living in Victoria
Lighthouse residents meet with Wendy Stone of the REES program.

On October 15, 2013 the Lighthouse opened in Victoria. The Lighthouse is one of TWC’s newest support homes for men who have completed a successful recovery program and wish to live in a supportive and safe environment where they can continue to stay healthy and maximize their opportunities for education and employment.  TWC provides exciting initiatives for these men in their recovery homes not only by encouraging each individual to seek resources outside the program, but also by introducing these gentlemen to fantastic programs available in the local area.  On January 30, 2014 the men of the Lighthouse were engaged in active discussion after a presentation from Wendy Stone of the REES program in Victoria (pictured).

The REES program (RESOURCES, EDUCATION, EMPLOYMENT AND SUPPORT), was started in 1999 and uses a co-operative, recovery based approach to help reduce the isolation from community, friends and family that is often a result of addiction.