Month: November 2013

This Week At Discovery – November 18, 2013

Last week at the Discovery Program, clients started the week in a demonstration of respect and dignity at the Burnaby Cenotaph. Rigorous work began as the aptly name “Divinity Week” commenced. Clients attempted to confront and strip away fear and uncertainty surrounding preconceived concepts about their Higher Powers’ and spirituality. The ideology of Pascal Wager was introduced to clients, specifically his views on the benefits of believing in a deity as opposed to remaining agnostic or atheist. Guided meditations continue to be a regular part of daily programming as clients confront their egos and prepare to embark on their step four journeys. The men at Discovery continue to enjoy a safe, unified, and non-judgmental environment as they grow together in recovery.

Family Program – November 14th, 2013

TWC offers a comprehensive Family Program for our clients’ loved ones who need guidance and direction around coping with an addicted person’s behaviour. Following the session this week, one mother commented that the Family Program has been “extremely informative and helpful” for her. Many people feel lost, confused, and helpless around how to cope with loved ones who seem hell bent on self-destruction. The Family Program at TWC will inform participants about how to cope with stress and uncertainty that arises from being in close proximity to an individual struggling with addiction. Al-Anon, co-dependency, boundary setting, and enabling are issues discussed regularly during process groups. If you are compelled to share about your experience at the Family Group please post your thoughts and comments on our page. Any questions should be sent via e-mail to or feel free to call us at 604-451-9854.

Art Therapy – November 13, 2013

TWC would like to announce the commencement of our new Art Therapy Program! Courtney Nichols, who holds a Master’s degree in Art Therapy as well as a Registered Clinical Counsellor designation, will be spearheading this new initiative at TWC. Courtney is a passionate and enthusiastic individual who has helped many people gain empowerment and insight into thought and behaviour patterns through artistic expression. Art therapy is a fantastic outlet for our clients to convey their thoughts and feelings in a creative and abstract fashion. It is Courtney’s hope that the “Art Therapy group should be a safe and relaxed place for you to use art in your own personal way.” We at TWC are thrilled with this addition to our Treatment Program and feel confident in Courtney’s ability to aid in expression and growth in recovery.

Discovery Program Update – November 12, 2013

Clients at TWC’s Discovery Program continue to be enlightened and stimulated as new concepts are introduced and studied on a weekly basis. The group has been focusing on reframing step two into a more concise and applicable concept. The ego, appraisal of self and judgment of others have also been topics of discussion as clients prepare to write step four inventories. Participants at Discovery are being directed to attack their inventories with vigor and determination as to avoid the common step four pitfalls: procrastination and fear. Clients and staff alike at Discovery are extremely pleased with the atmosphere of caring, courage, and compassion that has solidified there.

25th Vancouver Roundup – Nov 7, 2013

TWC is happy to announce that the 25th Vancouver Roundup is being held this weekend! The event will begin Friday the 8th with registration opening at 5:30 pm. The Roundup will be taking place at St. Mary’s Ukrainian Cultural Centre located at 3150 Ash Street between Cambie Street and Oak Street. Theresa F and Ralph W from Los Angeles will be the feature speakers, both are expected to be captivating and inspiring as always. Apart from the main speakers there will also be a sobriety countdown, Al Anon speakers, AA speakers, and DJ’s spinning both nights. Tickets cost $20 and can purchased through the Vancouver central offices or at AA and Alanon meetings. Feel free to contact Gord or Greg if you are unable to purchase any through the previously mentioned channels. Any questions regarding tickets or any other concerns can be sent to
Greg: 604-780-4355
Gord: 604-812-2411

Relapse in Recovery – Nov 5, 2013

Many knowledgeable and experienced individuals have ascertained that relapsing in recovery is an inevitable and reoccurring issue. Although a vast number of people struggle during initial attempts to find lasting sobriety, relapsing does not have to be part of your story. The guilt, shame, and regret people feel after a relapse can be utterly crushing. These feelings deter people from returning to meetings and reconnecting with their support groups during times when they need to most. We at TWC encourage all those to listen and learn from recovering addicts who have relapsed in the past. Addiction can be cunning, baffling, and powerful but there is a solution. If you have relapsed, reach out to those that can help as quickly as possible. If you haven’t, work your program to the best of your ability so it doesn’t have to be part of your story!

Social Media – Nov 4, 2013

TWC is working towards a greater online presence through social media. We would like to encourage everyone who visits our page to “like” us and “invite” as many supportive friends as possible to view new posts and media. Our mission is to reach as many people struggling as possible in order to facilitate change for the vast numbers suffering with addiction on a daily basis. If you feel the need to share your experience, strength, and hope or other comments pertaining to recovery please feel free to do so. We at TWC are truly grateful for all of those helping to spread a message of hope and are constantly inspired by those who consistently aid us in our cause.

Open House in Victoria – Oct 31st, 2013

Together We Can held an open house in Victoria yesterday to celebrate the opening of our second stage home. Together We Can was represented by Bob Waring, Executive Director, Stacy Wilson, Intake Coordinator, Jordan Davies, Second Stage Manager and Trevor Franklin, our Vancouver Island Representative. Approximately 70 guests attended the opening. They represented many of the essential care givers in Victoria. There is a need for additional housing for those recovering from addiction and TWC is pleased to be bale to help in filling this void. We graciously thank all those who attended and look forward to working together.