Month: October 2013

Discovery Program – October 31st, 2013

TWC would like to congratulate the eight men graduating from the Discovery Program this week! These men have wholeheartedly applied themselves and all showed rigorous dedication while exploring core issues and facing challenges on a daily basis. The graduating clients have truly gained a new perspective on self through the lens of recovery introduced to them at Discovery. The topics of focus for this week are steps ten through twelve, being present, and selfless service as way to sustain recovery on a long-term basis. One client shared his thoughts on Discovery so far: “I was not sure if the goal of this program was going to be something that worked for me. ‘Choose to see things Differently’ has been the focus everyday and as a result I have more options in dealing with real challenges than ever before. I’m not perfect at it yet but I feel I’m graduating with a fresh start.”

Quadra Street Residence – Oct 24, 2013

TWC is opening a second stage home in Victoria, effective November 1, 2013. The home is for men who have completed treatment or have established a reasonable time in recovery from addiction. The home is located on Quadra street, close to Crystal Pool and a number of facilities that are supportive to recovery. The residence is a beautiful and spacious character home that has been completely remodelled. For further information contact our Island Representative, Trevor Franklin, at (250) 507-1213, or (604) 451-9854.

A Helping Hand – Oct 21st, 2013

TWC would like to commend “A Helping Hand” in their efforts this weekend to collect over 1,200 donated coats! These coats will be distributed directly to the less fortunate at homeless shelters, detox centers, and first stage recovery facilities. The level of participation was astounding as this was only the first ever Helping Hand Coat Drive. The event was a huge success and even attracted the attention of Global News on Sunday morning. Everyone involved should be proud of themselves for contributing to such a worthwhile and important cause. TWC wholeheartedly supports these types of initiatives and congratulates those who reach out to the homeless and less fortunate on a regular basis.

TWC Toros – Oct 17th, 2013

TWC would like to encourage everyone to come and support the TWC Toros this weekend. The Toros will be playing a 3:00 pm game this Sunday at Burnaby 8 Rinks versus the Cougar Hunters. The Toros played their hearts out last Saturday in a 6-3 loss to the Blue Steel and all who participated thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Fans who came out to previous game commented that they “loved the fast pace” and thought “The Toros were an exciting team to watch.” TWC is hugely supportive of all sporting activities clients and alumni participate in. Recreation is a fantastic way to build camaraderie and fellowship amongst those in recovery. Help make hockey a positive experience for all those involved, please come out and participate this weekend!

Forgive or Forget

“Forgive or Forget”

I wrong someone in life,
Guilt and shame grab on tight,
To my mental fibres and conscience,
Killing me inside,
What should I do?
I know to apologize,
Now if someone hurts me,
I get angry and resentful,
If I was $10 short,
Or lost a girlfriend to be,
In this big fucked up world,
It’s all the same to me,
Do I forgive or forget?
Both together aren’t possible,
To forgive is to set free,
Forgetting builds resentment inside of me,
The choice is sometimes simple,
Forgive and just be,
Most of the time though,
I forget and become unhappy,
Not being able to decide,
Whether it’s worth fixing or just running to hide,
It’s always a battle between ignorance and truth,
What’s right from wrong?,
I always have to prove,
That I stand by my morals,
Perhaps this will be,
The one deciding factor,
Making or breaking me,
Forgive or forget,
Happy or resent,
It’s only up to you to forgive or make use,
Become your inner beauty and life will find you.

by Eddie Malone

Clean and Sober Employment (C.A.S.E.) Program – Oct 10, 2013

TWC would like to spread the word about the Clean and Sober Employment (C.A.S.E.) Program being offered by Chris Rindero. Any current TWC clients or alumni who need guidance around career paths, resume building, and interview skills are encouraged to contact Chris immediately. Chris has many leads on positions in a variety of industries that he would like to share with those interested in changing their current employment situations. Chris has vast knowledge and extensive experience assisting people in finding meaningful, lasting employment. Chris would be thrilled to talk to any TWC alumni or clients and encourages those seeking employment related guidance to contact him at or call 604-582-1964.

This Week In The Discovery Program – Oct 10, 2013

This week in the Discovery Program clients have been progressing on their personal inventories in search of liberation and self-discovery. The therapeutic value of one person in recovery helping another has been very apparent as the men undertake the step 4 and 5 process. Self-forgiveness was introduced as a tool to cope with the shame and guilt that surfaced during intensive group sessions and written assignments. One client stated that the steps are being presented in a very “refreshing” fashion. He “always felt like there was something ‘more’ to the steps” and has “struggled in the past with some of the key concepts behind them.” The facilitator has made it his mission to help people in recovery “think outside the box” and is assisting clients in any way possible on their journeys’ of self-discovery. The ultimate hope for clients in the Discovery Program is that the “liberation of self becomes the overall discovery process.”

PNWCNA Ultimate Halloween Video Dance Party Weekend – October 7th, 2013

TWC would like to help spread the word about this year’s PNWCNA Ultimate Halloween Video Dance Party Weekend! There will be two dances, one on October 25th starting at 9 pm and a second on October 26th starting at 10 pm. This event is part of the Pacific Northwest Convention of Narcotics Anonymous #36 Weekend at The Coast Plaza Hotel and Suites in Downtown Vancouver. The dance on Saturday night will feature giant video screens playing the latest and most popular music videos on Muchmusic. People interested in this event can buy tickets as part of their convention package. There will be a limited number of tickets at the door so act fast.

* In the spirit of the Traditions of NA, the committee does not endorse any of theses outside organizations but provides them for the purpose of information.

Floor Hockey – Oct 3, 2012

A group of TWC Pelicans took the floor again yesterday against a team from the Surrey Mental Health and Addictions Centre. Once again, the guys had an absolute blast and can’t wait until next week’s game. The positive effects that come from participating in these kinds of events have been noticed by the facilitators and clients alike at TWC. Countless scientific studies have proven the immediate and substantial benefits that come with physical exercise for those seeking recovery. Everyone involved is extremely impressed with how positive and friendly all the participants were. Friendships were made and existing bonds were strengthened in the true spirit of recovery. TWC would once again like to thank all those who made this initiative possible.

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Online Recovery Network – “In the Rooms”

TWC is spreading the word about an online recovery network called “In the Rooms.” Users who log onto this global recovery community will have access to a vast array of media, fellowship and information. Registering for this network is a great way to stay in touch with people who may not be present in your local recovery community. TWC is built on the principles of unity and compassion for one another; “In the Rooms” offers the perfect online platform to apply these ideals and make others in recovery feel “a part of.” If you are in a remote location and desperately need to connect with people simply log onto your account to gain anonymous access to online meetings. AA and NA meetings are offered online from all over the world allowing users to hear a message of recovery when they need it the most. Please go to and register for a free account. Users will be granted free access to Daily Meditations, Speaker Tapes, and Daily Online Video AA/NA meetings. TWC wholeheartedly supports initiatives unifying those who seek out a new and better way of life.

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